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Get ready for the final magical adventure at The Strangeworlds Travel Agency...


'Why was The Strangeworlds Society formed in the first place? To protect the worlds from what? From whom?'

Since Flick Hudson joined Strangeworlds, she has faced more danger than most other people see in a lifetime. But nothing has prepared her to learn that the entire multiverse is at risk, under threat from a mysterious group called the Seren.

The Seren are on a hunt for the most powerful suitcase of all. A suitcase that some simply call: The Final Doorway.

It’s up to Flick and her friends to find this suitcase first. But their journey will take them to ever more perilous places and reveal troubling secrets about the travel agency itself. And worst of all, there’s no guarantee that all of them will survive.


        "A moving conclusion to a delightful trilogy." - KIRKUS, starred review


"...beautifully written... an exciting showdown" - Just Imagine

"...a rollercoaster ride filled with twists and turns, [with] a sentimental and heartwarming epilogue" - Better Reading Australia

"Brilliant" - Alice Nuttall, BookRiot (Best Middle Grade Fantasy Books)


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