Flick is now a badge-wearing member of The Strangeworlds Travel Agency so when an urgent summons arrives at Strangeworlds from Pirate Queen Nyfe, she and Strangeworlds Society guardian Jonathan immediately pack their bags for an adventure to Queen Nyfe's world: The Break, a place of magic and piracy.

Nyfe's world is falling apart. The Break is used to having ships vanish without a trace, but there has been a sudden increase that can't be explained by giant squid or mer-people. The edge of their flat world is coming ever closer to them and they need to escape before it collapses entirely.

But how do you sail a ship through a suitcase? How do you fit a mer-queen the size of a whale into something small enough to carry in your hand? Will Flick and Jonathan be able to find a way to transport the inhabitants of the Break to another world before theirs disappears forever?

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Cover illustration by Natalie Smillie
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Cover illustration by Matt Rockefeller

L. D. Lapinski’s talent for magical world-building is out in full force in this stunningly imaginative book... Witty, poignant, and filled with larger than life characters (no, really – Leviatha the Mer-Queen is the size of a block of flats), this much anticipated sequel to The Strangeworlds Travel Agency is an absolute must-read... - Booktrust