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UK cover - Art by Harry Woodgate

A beautiful and uplifting story from L.D. Lapinski, author of The Strangeworlds Travel Agency, about how to make your own place when the world doesn't think you fit anywhere.

Jamie Rambeau is a happy 11-year-old non-binary kid who likes nothing better than hanging out with their two best friends Daisy and Ash. But when the trio find out that in Year Seven they will be separated into one school for boys and another for girls, their friendship suddenly seems at risk.

And when Jamie realises no one has thought about where they are going to go, they decide to take matters into their own hands, and sort it all out once and for all.

Nominated for the Yoto Carnegie Medal for Writing 2024

Shortlisted for the 'Books Are My Bag' Readers Awards 2023

jamie US.jpg
US cover - Art by Harry Woodgate


             "Excels at being educational without sacrificing charm, humor, or excitement." - KIRKUS, starred review

"Essential addition to the growing cannon of queer literature for young people." - Booklist


“Centred around heart-warming characters, Jamie is an absolute must-read for young LGBTQ+ kids” - Zoya Raza-Sheikh, GAY TIMES


"A sensitive, moving story about fighting for acceptance and change." - Imogen Russell Williams, The Guardian


"An inspirational story of a young person finding the strength and resilience to be exactly who they are..." - Helen Symington, The Scotsman

"Thought-provoking, funny and sweet, this is a great book about school, family and sticking up for

yourself." - Sarah Webb, Irish Independent 

"...nothing meaningful was ever won without protest – and allies." - Kitty Empire, The Observer, Best New Chapter Books

"This is such a wonderfully important thing" - Georgia Tennant, actor and producer

"Powerfully busts myths about non binary identities and role models political activism and effective campaigning." - Little Rebels Children's Book Award 2024

"This is a groundbreaking and deeply powerful, own voices novel." - Books for Keeps

"Amazing..." - Ben Pechey, ATTITUDE

"A stunning, heart-warming read..." - Children's Books Ireland

"...heartfelt dramas, enlightening conversations and acts of radical self-affirmartion. Topics related to gender equality are discussed with care... In LD Lapinski's JAMIE, a fight for gender equality leads to a greater community understanding. " - Aleena Ortiz, Foreword Reviews

"...this book will leave any reader inspired and informed. A remarkably excellent and joyful book" - Ruth Ennis, Books Ireland

"Quietly groundbreaking in its treatment of themes surrounding non-binary children" - Waterstones Says

One of the GUARDIAN's Best Children's Books of 2023


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