Art by Harry Woodgate

Jamie Rambeau is a happy 11-year-old non-binary kid who likes nothing better than hanging out with their two best friends, Daisy and Ash. But when the trio find out that in Year Seven they will be separated into one school for boys and another for girls, their friendship suddenly seems at risk. And when Jamie realises that neither school has space for them, they decide to take matters into their own hands…

As the friends' efforts to raise awareness eventually become a rooftop protest, Jamie realises that they’re going to end up having to choose between Daisy and Ash – and if they don’t figure out a way forwards, they might be at risk of losing them both…

Jamie’s voice is crisp and clear – immediately connecting with readers – in this beautiful and uplifting coming-of-age novel about making your own space when the world doesn’t provide one for you.

As well as being a story filled with heart, Jamie will also provide a very accessible introduction to what being non-binary means, with definitions in Jamie’s voice after many chapters which explain terms associated with being LGBTQ – perfect for young middle-grade readers who are discovering their own identity.

Coming in Spring 2023 - Preorder now!