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From L. D. Lapinski, the author of The Strangeworlds Travel Agency, comes a magical Christmas story about a girl who is convinced her new step-dad is actually Father Christmas. Written in twenty-five chapters (one to read each day in the lead up to Christmas and a bonus one for Christmas day) this is a heart-warming story to enjoy as a family.

10-year-old Harper lives with her single mum and her older brother Will. All is happy and well, until Mum announces she is bringing her new boyfriend, Nick, home for the Christmas season.

Nick is a bit... well... weird. He's impossible to annoy, always jolly, an expert at fixing toys, has a white beard and works part-time on a reindeer farm... could he be Father Christmas?

Harper certainly thinks so, no matter how much her brother tells her it's nonsense - after all, after Nick arrives a reindeer shows up on the roof, a LOT of post suddenly starts coming for him, and snow falls but only seems to fill the family's back garden!

But when Nick starts spending unexplained time away from the family and keeping secrets, Harper and Will have to decide together if they really believe Nick is the big man himself.

A heart-warming Christmas story, perfect to read together as a family.

Publishing October 2023

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