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Art by Joe Todd Stanton

Magic is back . . . and it's out of control. Return to the extraordinary world of Artezans, in the electrifying sequel to Artezans: The Forgotten Magic by acclaimed middle-grade author, L.D. Lapinski.

Elodie and Ed Crane are twin Artezans, possessors of Hidden and Unseen magic. They wield powers that have exploded beyond all understanding and an ominous shared destiny. While Ed has the power to control dreams, Elodie can hear the thoughts of every living thing around her. Bombarded by the incessant chatter, Elodie struggles with overwhelming noise. But that's far better than the sinister Whispers she hears.

The twins set off to seek out lost Artezan Masters, but shipwrecked on a remote isle that's not marked on any map, they await an uncertain rescue as storms rage around them. The islanders are welcoming, but all is not as it seems. Troubled new friend, Laurie, knows more than they are willing to tell. And as The Whispers grow louder, Elodie fears the nightmarish legends of the past are closer than anyone realises.

Magic Returns. Their power will unlock.

March 2025

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