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Updates and News...

Hello! STRANGEWORLDS TRAVEL AGENCY has been out in North America for just over two weeks now, and there are a few exciting things to post about.

The first thing is that STRANGEWORLDS is the Book of the Week in The Week Junior US! This is especially wonderful because it was the BOTW in the UK edition of the same magazine last yesr, so I'm eternally grateful for the support of everyone at The Week Jr.

Next, STRANGEWORLDS has the honour of being selected by the Editors at Amazon as one of the Best Children's Books of 2021 So Far! This is fantastic, and again I'm so grateful. I hope this helps new readers across the pond to find the book and journey into new worlds...

Slightly closer to home, I managed to hit the front page(!) in Magazin O Knihach in Slovakia. I had such fun doing this interview, and it's complete bonkers to see my huge face on the front of a paper.

And back in the UK, THE STRANGEWORLDS TRAVEL AGENCY series got a wonderful review and mention from Imogen Russell Williams in the TES, as part of a lovely piece on trans and GNC authors and characters in children's books.

That's all for now! STRANGEWORLDS is available from your local bookshop or online!

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