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Are you a member of The Strangeworlds Society? What did you get up to on your last visit to The Strangeworlds Travel Agency?


Use the hashtag #MyLastVisitToStrangeworlds on twitter, and post a picture of your last magical trip - this can be a holiday, a weird and wonderful place you've found, or even somewhere you like to spend time in your garden.


If you want to add a touch of sparkle to your picture, you can use the Strangeworlds frames below*, the new animated gif available on Instagram, or even your own drawings and sparkles! There will be a prize of a personalised and signed book for the most other-worldy picture posted on twitter! Good luck, Strangeworlders, and don't lose your luggage! #MyLastVisitToStrangeworlds


*Paint 3D, or MS Publisher are easy programmes to use if you want to paste these frames over the top of your pictures!

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